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Visiting Henry WhitfieldState Museum

Тема в разделе 'Жилище. Новостройки. Ремонт', создана пользователем Annavaph, 31 дек 2017.

  1. Annavaph Новичок

    The Henry Whitfield Country Museum is the site of Connecticut's oldest prostitution -- the Whitfield Forebears was built in 1639 allowing for regarding the Reverend Henry Whitfield, one of the founders of Guilford. Any more a museum with a view done with 100 years, self-guided tours comprehend three floors of collectible furnishings and county artifacts, an rudimentary display "The Time-worn Stone Family," as showily as changing exhibits in the Caller Center and displays in the Course of study Building. No entry is required championing visiting the offering shop or using the analysis library. The Whitfield museum hosts unique events completely the year, culminating in the annual Firelight Festival the advance Friday after Thanksgiving.

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